Regulation of the Janja Riverbed in the Municipality of Ugljevik

Investor: European Union, represented by European Commission, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Contractor: Joint Venture “Integral inženjering a.d.(PLC) – Integra inženjering d.o.o. (LLC)“
Supervisor:  Ipsa Institut d.o.o. (LLC),  Sarajevo
Contracted value of works: 5,25M BAM or 2,69M EUR
Completion of works: May 31, 2020

About project:

The regulation of the Janja riverbed is one of the most important projects in the municipality of Ugljevik. The project is funded by the European Union from the IPA 2014 program, which relates to special flood protection measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The regulation of the river Janja from the existing regulated riverbed near Rudnik and the thermal power plant “Ugljevik”, to the bridge to Stari Ugljevik, in a total length of 3.75 kilometers was executed according to the project. The riverbed is dimensioned so that it can safely accept 100-year high waters. Above the level of 100-year high waters, an embankment of 0.80 meters was constructed to prevent flooding of the surrounding land in the future.

By its shape, a double trapezoid with a width of 12 meters at the bottom is foreseen for the normal profile of the riverbed. The accompanying embankment has a variable height of 0.80 – 1.70 meters, and a crown embankment width of 5 meters. The slopes of the riverbed were paved with hexagonal concrete prisms and reinforced concrete covering.

The prerequisites for the development of sports, and recreational and other urban facilities along the river Janja in the municipality of Ugljevik were created by the project realization.

Content and scope of the most important executed works:

1. Excavation and transport of surplus material to the landfill – 240,000.00 m3 in bulk
2. Filling:
– crushed stone 15<d<30 cm – 28,000.00 m3
– construction of embankment along the regulated watercourse – 24,000.00 m2 

3. Construction of reinforced concrete elements of embankment:
– concrete MB30 – 12,000.00 m3rushed stone

– reinforcement RA Ø8,12,14,16,18 – approximately 550.00 t

4. Placing geotextile 200 gr/m2 – 77,000.00 m2
5. Construction of concrete lining of minor riverbed – 25,000.00 m2
6. Placing of hexagonal concrete prisms – 4.400,00 m2
7. Construction of three structures at confluence of secondary courses and regulated river
8. Construction of three structures of hinterland waters with non-return valves

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