Employer: Koridori Srbije, d.o.o. (LTD) Belgrade
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC) Laktaši
Value of works: 14.9 million BAM or 7.6 million EUR

General information about project:

Corridor 10 je one of the most important Trans-European transport corridors that passes through Serbia. The program of construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia is carried out through four projects that are divided into sections and those into lots (contracts).

Construction of motorway E80: Niš – Dimitrovgrad (Bulgarian border) is realized under the name of Project “East”.
Work Contractor on the section Bancarevo – Crvena Reka was JV “Aktor & Terna” (Greece).

Due to particularly complex conditions, the Employer assigned the company Integral inženjering for construction of a protective gallery near the Bancarevo tunnel in order to permanently stabilize landslides near that structure.


Description of solution and works:

After analyzing possible solutions for stabilization of slope No. 6, and considering the height of the cut, it was concluded that the best solution was to construct a protective structure in the form of a backfilled gallery. The protective structure should be very solid and strong enough to carry an overlay of an embankment of height of h = 6.0 m above the roof plate. The embankment is intended as a permanent embankment to stabilize the hill. This solution was adopted on the slope section from km 28 + 478.00 to km 28 + 643.00, with a total length of L = 165.0m

The protective gallery is founded on drilled piles of diameter of Ф = 2.000 mm and length of L = 16.0 at distances of 2.5 and 3.0 m. The piles are connected by pile caps of dimensions b/d = 2.30/1.0 m, which are concreted in two sections of length of L = 165.0 m. Above pile caps, it is foreseen to construct a roof structure of monolith MB30 concrete plate of thickness of d = 1.30 m with span of L = 13.1m and 14.7m in the tunnel tube portal area. The roof plate will be waterproofed with a protection layer for the inclination. As the gallery is foreseen to be open in one part, the piles drilled in that part are subsequently processed and converted into permanent pillars. On the interior side and towards the hill, a lining made of sprayed concrete, which is applied in several layers in thickness of d = 5.0 cm is planned. At a level above the pavement structure and up to a height of approximately 1.0 m, the parapet wall of thickness d = 30 cm is planned. The backfilling of gallery is foreseen in the central zone with a constant height of about 6.0 m above the roof plate and variable height in the zone from gallery to the hill.

Scope of works:

– construction of 132 peaces of reinforced concrete piles of diameter of Ф = 2.000 mm;
– construction of pile cap of the supportive structure;
– construction of reinforced concrete walls between piles;
– construction of monolith concrete roof plate;
– construction of lining with sprayed concrete;
– backfilling of the gallery with earth.


Investor: Koridori Srbije, d.o.o. (LLC) Belgrade
Contractor: Integral inženjering a.d. (PLC) Banja Luka
Value of works: 6,6 million BAM or 3,4 million EUR

About project:

Corridor 10 is one of the most important pan-European transport corridors that pass through Serbia. The program of construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia is being carried through four projects that are divided into sections, and those sections into lots (contracts).

Construction of motorway Niš – Dimitrovgrad (border crossing with Bulgaria) is realized under the name of Project “East”.
Contractor of works on section 5A: Staničenje – Sarlah tunnel was Aktor SA (Greece). The works on section Staničenje – Pirot (east) in length of 16.64 km are finished and the section has been opened for traffic since March 08, 2019.
Because of the particularly complex conditions, the Investor awarded execution of investigation works, reconstruction and permanent Sarlah landslide stabilization to the company Integral inženjering.

Scope of works:
– execution of geo-exploratory works;
– construction of reinforced concrete piles of diameter of ф = 2000 mm;
– construction of pile cap of support structure;
– construction of reinforced concrete slabs between piles.

Contract No. 2017/393-673

Employer: European Union which is represented by European Commission, B-1049 Brussels, Belgium

Contractor: JV “Integral Inženjering“ a.d. (LTD) Laktaši  – “Integra Inženjering“ d.o.o. (PLC) Banja Luka

Contract value: 8.47 million BAM or 4.33 million EUR

Supervisor: “Safege Bosnia“ d.o.o. (PLC) Sarajevo

Project description:

It is foreseen the reconstruction of existing building of Municipal and Cantonal Court and Prosecutors Office in Tuzla which is located in the center of Тuzla. The building is constructed in 1962 as District Court in Tuzla. The total net area of building which will be reconstructed is approximately 4.600 m2.

Also, it is foreseen construction of new building of Municipal Court, Tuzla which is designed to be constructed on the place of Army Hall in Tuzla. The total net area of building is approximately 5.500 m2.

Works within the Project includes the following:

  • construction works,
  • construction and finishing works,
  • electrical installations,
  • mechanical installations,
  • water supply and sewage installations,
  • landscaping and
  • making of as-built design.

The works on reconstruction of the existing building will be executed in phases without interruption of using of building.


Employer:PC “Roads of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina“ d.o.o. (PLC) Sarajevo

Contractor:“Integral Inženjering“ a.d. (LTD) Laktaši

Contract value:6.03 million BAM or 3.08 million EUR

Engineer:IC consulenten Ziviltechniker GesmbH (Austria) in cooperation with Nievelt GmbH (Austria) and AIK Inženjering d.o.o. (PLC) (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Project description:

The completion works on construction of the main road M 17.3 Neum – Stolac (total length of 32.9 km) are part of the Federation Road Sector Modernization Project. The Project is financed from the loan of World Bank and European Investment Bank.

The works on LOT 1 (L= 7 km) include the following:
– pavement of road section Stari Neum – Babin Do (L= 5.3 km),
– construction of road section Babin Do – Oštrovac (L= 1.7 km),
– construction of underpass Oskrušnica at km 6+719.15 m, (L=10.8 m) and
– construction of tunnel Oštrovac (L=190 m).

Design and construction of Banja Luka – Doboj Motorway, Section Banja Luka – Prnjavor (km 0+000 to km 35+300) Contract no. RS/EIB-2012/W

Investor: Public company “Republic of Srpska Motorways“

Value of works: 184,9 m EUR (361,6m BAM)

Broader context of the project:
The existing main road M16.1 from Banja Luka to Doboj, via Derventa, plays a very important role in the European long-distance transportation system. For the large part of both Republic of Srpska and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this road is a major connection with western and eastern Europe considering that 50% of industrial and social potential of the Republic of Srpska is concentrated in the area along the road.

That is why Banja Luka – Doboj motorway has the most significant infrastructure potential for further integration within the Republic of Srpska. The motorway will connect already constructed Gradiška – Banja Luka motorway (E 661) with future motorway on Corridor 5c. After being completed, the motorway will become the arterial road in the transit traffic with positive influence on the commercial and trade activities in the region.

The project is divided into two lots (contracts): section Banja Luka – Prnjavor and section Prnjavor – Doboj.

About the project (section Banja Luka – Prnjavor):
Integral inženjering plc, together with Granit (Skopje), is very proud for being selected as the Main Constructor of Banja Luka – Doboj motorway (section Banja Luka – Prnjavor) at very competitive international tender. The  works are in progress and we proved that we are  technically and professionally able to play the key role in this project of the significant international importance.

The works include design and construction of:
– motorway section in total length l = 33,5 km, with all structures;
– motorway intersection with toll plaza;
– Traffic Control and Maintenance Center;
– rest and service area;
– 63 structures: among others,  1 major bridge of l = 340 m and 6 smaller;  3 major viaducts of l = 449 m, l = 400 and  l = 146 m, respectively and 4 smaller;  9 overpasses,  tunnel,  underpass, passages;
-intelligent traffic, video surveillance and traffic management systems; design and construction of traffic signalization and equipment, installation of optical cables and Emergency Call System, noise protection, installation for dewatering of rainwater system.

Construction of small hydro power plant “Bočac 2” – construction works

Investor:  Mixed Holding “Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska”, Dependent Company “Hidroelektrane na Vrbasu” Mrkonjić Grad

Value of works: 9,9 m EUR (19,3 m BAM)

Facilities of the newly designed power plant are designed in left side profile, in the area between the road and spillways, and are oriented in row, parallel with the direction of river valley and existing roads. Power plant includes: firth canal, intake, headrace with transition section, intake structure, and discharge race. Installation and access platforms are constructed above the supply channels and on the top of the intake structure.

Mini hydro power plant (MHPP) entrance structure is consisted of two entrance fields which are continued by supply sections which supply water to the turbines. Entrance structure is equipped with grids for impurity retention, grid cleaner, slide gates, equipment for detection of grid blockage and equipment for measurement of upper level. Discharge structure, i.e. let-off of the each turbine is equipped with one-piece slide gate.

In accordance with technical solution, MHPP is consisted of the following parts:

  • firth canal
  • intake structure
  • machine block
  • discharge race

Beside these works project includes construction of access road, mechanical and hydro mechanical equipment, HVAC, power supply equipment and installations and technical monitoring, survey marking, fire protection.

Corridor X Highway Project, Construction of Highway E 75, Section: CaričinaDolina – Vladičin Han, LOT 5: Road and bridges at sub-section CaričinaDolina – Tunnel Manajle,

Investor: Public company “Corridors of Serbia”

Value of works: 63,8 m EUR (124,7 m BAM)

Broader context of the project:
Corridor 10 is one of the most important pan-European transport corridors that runs through Serbia. Declared goals of the Government of the Republic of Serbia are (1) to create a transport system that will be compatible with the transport system of the European Union, (2) further modernisation, so that the Republic of Serbia would be prepared to adhere to the standards of the European Union which refer to transport. The programme of construction of the Corridor 10 through Serbia is conducted  through four projects that have been divided into sections and the sections into lots (contracts). From the perspective of construction works, the sections and lots consist of special structures such as tunnels, bridges, overbridges, overpasses and alike. After its finalization, the motorway would have a positive influence on the commercial and trade activities in the region and would contribute to the regional development and cohesion of the broader area of the Balkans.

Because of the programme’s importance, scope and value of the works, some of the leading international construction companies are competing and executing works there.

About the project (subsection Caričina Dolina – Tunnel Manajle):
„Integral Inženjering“ plc. is very proud for being selected, together with its partners, as the Main Constructor at subsection Caričina Dolina – Tunnel Manajle. The subsection is one of the most demanding subsections of the motorway on Corridor 10 in the Republic of Serbia, because the works are executed in the Grdelica Canyon. This is our the most important and the biggest project on very competitive construction market of the Republic of Serbia.

The works include construction of motorway section in total length l= 6,75 km, with all structures:

-construction of 7 bridges on highway section, one bridge on local road, one railway bridge, 3 galleries, 28 culverts, relocation of 1 km of railway, relocation of 1,3 km of local roads, works on regulation of the River Južna Morava, the River Sokolnica and the River Koznička;

-relocation of high-, medium- and low-voltage lines, construction of telecommunication channelization,  drainage works, supply and installation of traffic signalization and equipment, noise protection walls and landscaping.

Integral Inženjering“ a.d.
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