The stock company Integral Inženjering (Integral Inženjering PLC) from Laktaši is founded in 1989. Integral Inženjering is a regional leader in the field of civil and water engineering in which the company has successfully worked for years constructing remarkable structures of vital social and economic interests. We constructed a lot of roads and highways, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, pedestrian bridges, water supplying systems and structures of special purpose and importance such as airports, helipads, Olympic and recreational swimming pools, border crossings, water factories, hydro-technical facilities and sanitary landfills. We are very proud of our business results and satisfaction of our clients and partners, as well as our representative infrastructural projects, excellent human, material and technical resources that make it all possible.

The core business of Integral Inženjering assumes all types of works in construction business, including development of project documentation and consulting, supervising and construction of very complex structures. With team of experienced engineers and modern equipment, following all state-of-the-art scientific and technological achievements, Integral Inženjering is capable of successful completion of any complex and demanding projects.

Major Employers in the previous period were:

  World Bank
  European Union, Delegation of European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina
  European Agency for Reconstruction
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  Parsons Corporation
  Roughton International Ltd
  World Vision
  Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways Public Corporation
  Government of Montenegro, Ministry of Transport and Marine Affairs
  Corridors of Serbia LLC

  Building Directorate of Serbia LLC
  Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska
  Ministry of Transport and Communicationsof the Republic of Srpska
  Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Srpska
  Public company “Republic of Srpska Motorways“
  Public company “Republic of Srpska Roads”
  Mixed Holding Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska
  Public enterprise “Airports of the Republic of Srpska”
  Republic of Srpska Railways PLC
  Federal Ministry of Finance, Department of Customs
  City of Banja Luka

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