…with vision and significant international experience, are as follows:

Slobodan Stanković, General Manager
Maja Praštalo, Deputy General Manager
Tamara Regodić Stanković, Deputy General Manager
Dragan Jevtović, Chief Technical Officer
Vlajko Nikolić, Chief Officer for Mechanization
Zdravko Praštalo, Chief Officer for Fixed Installations and Construction Material Production
Angelina Ivanović, Chief Financial Officer
Nikola Radovanović, Chief Marketing Officer
Biljana Kondić, Chief Officer for Legal and General Affairs
Radivoje Kulić, Manager, Business Unit “Integral” Sarajevo
Hamdija Lipovača, Manager, Branch office “Integral” Bihać
Mitar Vuković, Manager, Branch office Integral Inženjering Niš
Vladimir Mačkić, Manager, Integral Inženjering LLC Belgrade
Damjan Kralj, Manager, Branch office Integral Inženjering Zabok